5 Easy Meals To

Brighten Your Winter

By Chef Craig Rodger

Winter is here. Dark mornings, wintery showers at the beach walking your dog on your own, wearing the biggest jacket you have.

Winter is certainly cold but I enjoy embracing the chilly months by focusing on meals that are a little heavier and warming.

I hope everyone has checked out the WTF Blog as it is such a cool resource that has been building now for over a year. Whenever I get into a conversation on LCHF or whole-food eating, I often give people the link to the blog as a starting point as it has such good info to start people off on the journey.

Anyway, here are my 5 easy meals – all of which are linked to the blog where the full recipes are available.

  1. Comelette 2ottage Pie – This is homely and comforting, it is easy to prepare in advance and you can use up a lot of vegetables. It is really economical, as the base is mince – and cauliflower is really affordable this time of year. Experiment with some spices in your mince and try a mash pumpkin topping in place of the cauli.
  2. One Pan Omelette – I enjoy a cooked breakfast more in winter, and this is a good recipe/skill to have in your toolkit as it’s really quick to whip up. Experiment with fillings and check out what’s well priced at the supermarket. Right now I enjoy mushrooms, silverbeet and cooked chicken in mine.
  3. Aromatic Beef with “Viet” Slaw – Spicy and zingy dressings are a great way to fend off the winter blues, this recipe is light and delicious but it is so satisfying. Make too much and have it the next day for lunch at work, it lasts really well and actually develops in flavour.What the Fat at Loop 25.11.2014
  4. Green Smoothie – A great way to up your intake of nutritious leafy greens and raw fibre. Experiment with the ingredients – a smoothie recipe can only ever be a guide so let your palate help you perfect your own version. Just be careful not to overdo the apples…
  5. Nut Butter Bars – I enjoy a bit of baking when it’s miserable outside. These bars are full of good fats and are delicious. Great to take with you if you are braving the outdoors to get some exercise in.

Broths, soups, stews, crumbles, curries… I enjoy winter cooking (it counts for 10 months of the year in Scotland) as I feel like it is a time when it’s ok to eat heavier foods that seem out of place in the warmer months.

As a chef, cooking seasonally means embracing the produce and the weather to the point where I keep track of the year as much through what I’m cooking as what it says on the calendar.

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