5 Green Vegetables

For The Colder Months

By Chef Craig Rodger

  1. Broccoli: Broccoli is a wonderfully versatile vegetable that will get cheap through Autumn and Winter. Try eating it raw sliced finely in a salad with some good olive oil and seeds for crunch. It has a nutty flavour that lends itself well to Asian-inspired meals like curries and stir fries.
  2. Courgette: Courgettes remain plentiful and pretty well priced for the next couple of months and they add so much flavour to salads when they are browned nicely. They are obviously really useful as zoodles so get your spiraliser at the ready to make your “spaghetti” for a warming carbonara dish.
  3. Brussel Sprouts: The much maligned sprout! I’m not going to bore you by revealing to you the merits of brussel sprouts and bacon (although it is delicious), instead, I suggest just starting off by cooking them a little bit less than perhaps your (my) mum might have. They only take about 4 – 5 minutes in salted boiling water after any discoloured outer leaves have been trimmed away and the stem trimmed down a little. Then you can have a little bit of fun with them – fry the cooked sprouts in some butter until it goes brown and at the last minute stir through some chopped nuts for a toasted caramel flavour – or add some garlic, butter and herbs to a pan and roll the sprouts in the butter to pick up all the flavour. They are cheap and are very nutritious, give them a go!
  4. Silver beet: It’s really cheap right now and is very good for you. I love to use silverbeet as a salad leaf. Trim any discoloured part of the stem away before finely slicing the stem up to the green leaf, then roughly chop the leaf into bite-sized pieces and proceed as if it was a salad leaf.
    Use it in place of that pre-packaged salad mix for a seasonal salad that’s local and delicious.
  5. Kale: This is a wonderful vegetable that is rich in colour and flavour. Use it for a smoothie for a real Green Smoothienutrient hit. Blanch it in salted water for 2 – 3 minutes and dress it with some melted butter or olive oil for a delicious side, it’s really curly leaves cling on to flavours, sauces and fats so it’s a great vehicle to carry other flavours. There’s no end to the things you can do with kale so get some every week and experiment while it’s cheap.
  6. Bonus Round! Cauliflower: Okay, not green. And also turns this quintet into a sextuplet but it deserves a mention! The perfect accompaniment for stews and pies in the guise of cauli’ mash. Make “rice” from it to accompany a curry or a chilli con carne. They’re so cheap this time of year you can even just make a garlic and dried herb butter up, slather it over the raw cauli with the stems removed – season it up – and bake the whole thing for about an hour to make a delicious, easy vegetable dish that is a little bit different and takes no effort at all.

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  • Murray Frank Radovan says:

    I was brought the book a month and a half ago I’ve dropped 6kgs and loving the change in diet . The LCHF is great way of being satisfied from meal to meal , telling as many people as I can . Thank you guys

  • Juli says:

    Love your cookbook. Bought it in Nelson and am now home in Ontario, Canada. Have started the program thanks to your book.
    Thank you

  • Judy says:

    Looking forward to reading more lchf recipe ideas using the above list if veggies.

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