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In summary: A New Zealand boarding school improves their nutrition environment by removing loads of sugar and adding healthy fat and focusing on whole food; what follows is a complaint by a nutrition expert. Read the full post on my Facebook page, here.
Now that you’ve read it, here are my top three take-home thoughts:

1. I’m sure all nutrition experts are in support of whole foods, and I’m sure that all nutrition experts are in favour of cutting down on sugar. What I’m not so sure about is that the definition of “whole-food” is fully understood by all. Remember, whole foods should be defined by their HI factor: the lower the Human Interference factor, the better. Commercial breads and cereals, pasta, crackers, and muesli bars, in my opinion, are not whole foods.

2. It’s evident that people still don’t know exactly what the LCHF lifestyle is all about. It is NOT about removing all carbs from the diet, and it is NOT about gorging on blocks of butter or drinking bottles of cream. It is also NOT about being super-restrictive and never enjoying the occasional treat. It IS ilworthabout using foods that are mostly in their natural form without going out of our way to avoid the natural fat these foods hold.

3. Is LCHF healthy for children that are growing and that do lots of physical activity? Sure it is. LCHF is not necessarily about weight loss despite it being effective for weight loss. It’s about being healthy and preventing weight gain and chronic disease in later life. LCHF is totally safe and sustainable for children. What is not safe and sustainable is condoning a food-industry driven, sugar-laden fake food supply.

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  • Phill Lunnon says:

    Any one who complains about a school removing processed carbs and introducing hole foods needs to read the evidence that is out there for all to read, evidence that goes back thousands of years. I have been on the LCHF way (NATURAL foods) for three months now and have not felt this good for many years and incidentally I have lost 15 kilograms of the excess weight I been trying to loose for many years, and still going, its also very easy. Everyone should read and follow ‘What The Fat’.
    My sincere thanks to the team. Phill L

  • Catherine says:

    Wow! I’m stunned that anyone would complain about a wholefood diet. It would be interesting to see what the complainants eat at home. Keep up the great work of promoting this healthy, enjoyable lifestyle.

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