Avoiding Unnecessary Sugar

By The Whole Food Dietitian, Caryn

Today’s tips come in response to a recent infographic released by the Sugar Advisory Service – hhhmmm, you know what’s coming. Clearly they’re clutching at straws to promote sugar in our current “refined sugar is detrimental to health” nutrition climate, so they’ve gone with “Why is there sugar in my food?” Today I will give you a go-to-tip for each “good” reason they’ve given.

  1. Bread (without sugar becomes flat and tough).

Caryn’s Tip: Have you tried Craig’s Bread recipe from WTF? It’s not tough and it’s not flat unless you make it flat. No it obviously doesn’t rise to the levels of some mountain peak breads, but who says bread has to be “high” anyway? Give low carb bread a try – you don’t need sugar to make good bread!

  1. Baking (without sugar becomes bland and wouldn’t rise)

Caryn’s Tip: If you bake it, you are inclined to eat it. Baking is for treat occasions i.e., not very often. If you wanted to bake more regularly, you could always try Chef Craig’s delicious chocolate brownie – or other no-sugar delights. Note it’s still high in calories (hence the word “treat”).

  1. Wine and beer (without sugar, alcohol wouldn’t exist)

Caryn’s somewhat unrealistic Tip: To be honest I think we’d all be better off if alcohol didn’t exist.

Caryn’s more realistic tip: But it does, so make sure you have plenty of alcohol free days (at least 4-5) and drink small amounts on your “on days”.

  1. Jam (without sugar, becomes too runny to spread and would grow mould quickly).

Caryn’s Tip: Seriously we just don’t need jam. It’s too sweet and we want to change the “sweet” palate, go for a spread like avocado / nut butter or liver pate instead. More nutrients and no sickly sweet sensation.

  1. Juice or soft drink (without sugar would taste thin and watery and go off quickly).

Caryn’s Tip: Again, we simply don’t need juice or soft drink. Regular consumption prevents us from changing our palate and keeps us wanting more. Drink water – still or bubbly – throw in a squeeze and a piece of fresh lemon or lime. Drink tea or coffee occasionally (without sugar of course J)

  1. Ice-cream (without sugar would be hard and un-scoopable).

Caryn’s Tip: Hard and un-scoopable would be great – we’d all eat less of it. Seriously, if you want soft and very scoopable ice-cream without the sugar, check out Chef Craig’s low-sugar variety on the blog and eat sparingly.

  1. Yoghurt (without sugar becomes very sour)

Caryn’s Tip: Exactly!! Embrace the sour flavour, it’s the way nature intended yoghurt to taste and helps you lose the sweet craving for good.

So there you have it, some good reasons why the sugar industry think we need sugar, and hopefully some good alternatives to carry on avoiding regular consumption.

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