Breakfast at Caryn’s

We get up close and personal with Caryn, The Whole-Food Dietitian, as she debriefs her Top 5 breakfast meals.

Hi everyone, I used to believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but now I think a little differently… more along the lines of perhaps this was a breakfast cereal industry-driven ploy. Hhhmmmm. But I still eat breakfast not because I think it’s the best meal of the day, but because I simply enjoy the foods I eat and the experience of cooking in the morning when I have the time. So here goes:

1. Quick and easy during the week go-to: Plain unsweetened yoghurt, fruit (any kind, or frozen berries if I’ve run out of fresh fruit), nutty mix topping like the No-Grainola from What The Fat? (made in advance: a wide range of nuts / seeds / coconut threads, cooked up in coconut oil, orange rind, and salt), a sprinkle of whole-food based protein powder (especially after my cross-fit workouts) plus a cup of real green tea.

  • Sometimes I add a sprinkle of goji berries and a dollop of nut butter (depending on my appetite, 

    which guides me).

  • Sometimes I swap the plain yoghurt for coconut yoghurt (rarely as it’s pricey!) or pre-prepared chia pudding (chia seeds soaked overnight in coconut milk).

2. Another quick and easy throw together: Boiled eggs (I tend to boil up a bunch of them on the weekend to use for ‘grab and go’ meals), smashed avocado, a few baby tomatoes, a handful of green leaves (rocket / kale / watercress), some microwave-melted mozzarella cheese- yum!, fresh coriander leaves, salt and pepper, occasional drizzle of EV olive oil.

3. Love my liver. Fried onions and mushrooms (in butter), bacon strips, chopped up liver, a dash of balsamic vinegar, cream. All up it’s about 15-20 minutes of prep and cooking, so this is usually my relaxing weekend special.

4. Milky coffee (from the much-loved, handy Nespresso machine) – that’s it! 

5. Fresh air… True story, (occasionally I intermittently fast), not because I’m trying to cut calories, but more so for the desired health benefits (enhanced resistance to oxidative damage, potential protection against inflammation and other chronic diseases). On these days, I might have a coffee mid-morning, or an early lunch if I’m hungry (again appetite is the driver here).

Bottom line, these are my go-to meals at the moment, I tend to mix things up every few months, but the basics are always there. Yes, you have to be organised, even for your quick and easy throw togethers, but that’s what the LCHF lifestyle is all about!

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