Have a Happy LCHF Holiday

Top tips from the Whole Food Dietitian Caryn, for surviving the festive season.

In my opinion, living the LCHF lifestyle is most easily achieved in summer months, and particularly on summer holiday. But not for some, and the possibility of deviating with the extra temptations of pavlova, chocolate and alcohol (as you will get loads of it as gifts) can add some stress. We want to make sure that stress is minimised during the holiday season, so today I bring you my top 5 tips to avoid and manage this stress during the Xmas season.

  1. Do some kitchen pre-prep.

Grain-free granola and low carb crackers (all found in What The Fat?) are my two favourite pre-prep foods that I would always suggest to have on hand. Make them in advance so that you are always sorted for impromptu situations or drop-ins. Make enough beforehand to last you your holiday period.

  1. Make your nibbles count!

I often find that when we get our friends around we all eat lots of nibbles and then when it comes to dinner, we’re not hungry and often miss it. That’s ok, and if this happened to you too, why not make your nibbles count! Here are my top 3 substantial nibble ideas.

  • Asparagus wrapped in prosciutto or bacon – grill in the oven for a few minutes and serve.
  • Halloumi cheese chips. Slice cheese into shoe-string fry style. Cook on high heat until browned all over. Serve sticking upwards in a glass, like straws.
  • Tomato / cheese / basil skewers. Thread a cherry tomato, a bocconcini ball (or any other cheese), and a leaf of basil on a skewer or toothpick and serve.
  • Low carb crackers, with smoked salmon pieces and a dollop of cream cheese.
  • Meatballs (add some liver for extra nutrients) on toothpicks with an accompanying aioli.
  1. Make use of the season.

Asparagus and strawberry season is upon us. The season for these foods is short. Make use of them in salads, nibbles and snacks when you can because before you know it, they’ll be gone (or a lot more expensive).

  1. Re-gift items that you feel will de-rail you.

Chocolate and wine are go-to-presents for many. They’re quick, easy and always welcomed. If you feel overwhelmed, just re-gift them, no love lost, as long as you remove the card beforehand!

  1. Just don’t stress.

Okay, so there will be extra treats around like pavlova, chocolate, biscuits, alcohol and more. Both you and your family are likely to indulge. That’s okay, stressing about it won’t achieve anything. Simply pick and choose what you really desire, enjoy it, and then move on.

Enjoy the festivities as well as the benefits of holidaying the LCHF way. Merry Xmas!


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