#‎TopTipTuesday‬ with Chef Craig Rodger this week and he’s drawing on a particular article published by the World Health Organisation today…


The WHO has sounded the alarm on processed meats, and the article (and opinions) are steadily doing the rounds on social media today. In the past, LCHF diets have been accused of promoting a diet high in meat consumption (particularly bacon in some circles), but in actual fact LCHF encourages eating a whole-food, nutrient-dense diet that is higher in healthy fats, lower in carbs and includes a moderate amount of protein from various sources – plant AND animal based (the less processed the better, obviously).

For me, LCHF has always been about eating better quality fats and reducing the amount of nutritionally empty carbs and sugars in our diet.There’s no better time of year to get healthy fats into your diet than by pairing it with summer’s bounty of produce. This is the most exciting time of year produce-wise as a chef – fruit and vegetables are abundant, vibrant and at their natural best. Matching these with a delicious healthy fat makes them a meal in their own right. Below I have outlined my Top 5 pairings of summer produce with healthy fat sources that showcases how an LCHF lifestyle isn’t all about bacon and steak – but favours healthy fats and proteins from whole-food sources, including plants and animals;

  • Tomato and Mozzarella. A beautiful combo – tangy ripe tomato with creamy mozzarella is the great basis for a summer nibbles platter, or perfect just on their own as a snack.
  • Asparagus and Hollandaise. A timeless classic. Get in quick while the asparagus season is in full swing!
  • Avocado – these guys are show-offs. Pair them with nearly anything (or nothing!) and they’re delicious.
  • Fresh Berries with Coconut Cream. A delicious light dessert which works well for those among us that are dairy free.
  • Roast Med Veg Salad doused with a quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Chuck some courgette, capsicum, aubergine and red onions in a pan to lightly fry, serve sprinkled with a handful of macadamias on top for a bit of crunch and added healthy fat content.

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