Green Power Smoothie

Celebrate St. Paddy’s Day this coming week with a powerfully green start to your day!

A word from Chef Craig Rodger: This is an excellent way to ensure you are eating your phytonutrient-dense greens. The combination and ratios of ingredients in this recipe is a suggestion only, if you prefer a different green leaf (or if it’s more seasonal) swap it in.

A word from The Whole Food Dietitian, Caryn: Show your support for St Paddy’s Day by starting your day off with a green meal! You know if you have green in it, it’s bound to pack a hefty nutritional punch – the Green Power Smoothie is no exception. This drink is packed with vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin A (in carotenoids form), manganese, folate, magnesium, iron, copper, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, vitamin E, calcium, potassium, and vitamin C – and that’s just from the green veggies. Throw in an avocado for added healthy fat and you’ll be set nutritionally for half the day.

A word from The Fat Professor, Grant: Smoothies are trendy, which to me is something to avoid as I prefer to buck the trends and go against the grain so to speak. But these smoothies just taste too nice!

Serves: 3 – 4.Green Smoothie

Prep time: 10 minutes


  • 3 cups, 100g Spinach
  • 3 cups, 100g Kale
  • 1tsp, 5g Ginger (peeled)
  • ½ Avocado
  • ½ Cucumber small
  • 1 Apple (core removed)
  • 10g, 2 tsp Pumpkin seeds
  • 2 tsp, 10g Sunflower seeds
  • Water depending on consistency


Blend all the ingredients together, adding water if necessary to get a good consistency Best to drink it straight away and you could pour it over ice if you like your smoothies nice and chilled.

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  • Karen Soane says:

    Is there any way to know if the nutrients are bio available once ingested? Is it possible the vitamins are in the vegetable ingredients but don’t get absorbed in the digestive system? I used to think there were fat soluble vitamins but now I am starting to question what I was taught in home economics class at high school back in the mid 80s. How much vitamin c can the body utilize at any one time?

    • What The Fat? says:

      Hi Karen, there should be enough fat from the seeds to allow the fat-soluble vitamins to be absorbed once the smoothie is blended. Some minerals like calcium might be bound with oxalic acid and less available. Your use of vitamin C varies quite a lot depending on blood glucose and whether you are fighting an infection – higher intakes may be needed in diabetes or when healing complex fractures, and very high intakes seem to be protective in sepsis for this reason.

  • Larry says:

    Go against the grain!!! Love it

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