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Dr Caryn Zinn – aka The Whole Food Dietitian – talks us through staying centred with LCHF during stressful times, specifically while in hospital and encountering hospital food!

Today’s post is a little out there – it’s all about looking after yourself, your friends and your family if you or they encounter a hospital stay.

Let’s face it – public system hospital food is dire. I’ve had a few visits to the hospital over the last couple of years, and I’ve had conversations with friends who have visited a hospital, as well as conversations with health professionals who work in the hospital itself; it seems that everyone is in agreement: public hospital food is embarrassingly bad.

I realise that cost is the number one factor, not health (weird really, all considering) – but it just doesn’t make it right. The word that springs to mind when I think about hospital food, no-matter what your ailment… Carb-fest! From cornflakes ( I can’t believe cornflakes are still on the market) which have so little to offer in terms of nutrition, to toast with pats of margarine + jam along with tinned fruit all served in one meal, to packaged mass-produced desserts that you struggle to recognise. All of these options are laced with carbs and will send your blood sugar sky high, hungry and miserable.

So today’s post is about the top 5 things you can take with you when you visit friends or family, or to tell your friends and family to bring you if you find yourself in public hospital:

  • Breakfast:

    Take your loved one a crustless quiche or two, (can be found in What The Fat?), a bit of protein, good fat and veggies will keep them going until lunch, not like those cornflakes that will see them hungry soon after.

  • Snacks:

    If you need them, nuts, biltong, cherry tomatoes and cubes of cheese are quick and easy, if you’re in a rush. If you have more time, you could always whip up some low-carb crackers (found in What The Fat?) and serve with mashed avocado or liver pate.

  • Lunch:

    Bring along a low-carb friendly leftover meal from the night before – it’s quick and easy. Think ahead and purposely make more to account for your hospital visit.

  • Dinner:

    Again make a low carb dinner, protein and veg cooked in good fats is all you need, it doesn’t need to be fancy. Even a good soup would suffice.

  • Dessert:

    If you need one at all …. here the choice is yours, you can whip up a low carb delight (if you have the time or inclination) considering that you’re dashing into the hospital at this time of evening, you could grab some berries and cream from home, or simply pick up some dark chocolate on the way.

Depending on the reason you’re visiting the hospital or in hospital yourself, this is likely to be a stressful time. Stressful times are precisely the thing that can derail your whole food / LCHF lifestyle.

I hope these tips will equip you with the know-how to stay in the LCHF moment and look after yourself, your friends and family in hard times.

P.S. This is not only a NZ problem, it seems you can’t get good hospital food anywhere in the world – take a look at this.

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  • Beverley blakeney says:

    Thanks for such good ideas, was in there for a week even though my meals were labelled diabetic,everything was high carbs, sugary sweet drink

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