LCHF Fact or Fiction?

By The Whole-Food Dietitian, Caryn

Today’s post brings you “LCHF Fact or Fiction”; a 7-question quiz to see just how well you’re doing with your general knowledge in the world of LCHF nutrition. Play along and then check your answers below. Make sure to add up your scores to see how you fare. Ready? Here goes…

  • Q1. Calories don’t matter if you eat LCHF. Fact or Fiction?
  • Q2. To get the benefits on LCHF you have to be as low carb as you can. Fact or Fiction?
  • Q3. LCHF-friendly sweeteners can still spike blood sugars. Fact or Fiction?
  • Q4. Protein keeps you full as much as fat does. Fact or Fiction?
  • Q5. Drinking alcohol is ok on LCHF. Fact or Fiction?
  • Q6. LCHF can be beneficial for everyone. Fact or Fiction?
  • Q7. Paleo eating and LCHF is the same thing. Fact or Fiction?


Q1. FICTION. Calories still matter, particularly when it comes to weight loss. If this is what you’re after, make sure you’re still in calorie deficit (eating less calories than your body needs for maintenance, so that you can use those fat stores as fuel).

Q2. FICTION. You can enjoy the benefits of LCHF even with moderate carb restriction. Any amount of carbs lower than what you’re currently eating – if the carbs are good quality and come from whole food sources- is likely to give you some benefit to your health.

Q3. FACT. Yes, some of them do raise blood sugar (sucralose and saccharin), so best to use Stevia or even better, to limit sweet treats (even without sugar) for treat occasions.

Q4. FACT. Protein does keep you as full as fat, and according to studies, can keep you even more full as it’s considered to be the most satiating (filling) macronutrient of the three. This doesn’t mean you need to eat loads of protein, otherwise it will be converted to sugar. Palm size portions at your three meals is ample for most people.

Q5. FACT. Yes, it is, as long as you have several alcohol-free days a week and don’t over-indulge when you do have some (it’s a toxin remember!)

Q6. FACT. Yes, it certainly can be. Carb-restriction is on a spectrum, you don’t need to go super low unless you really need to. So, some level of carb-restriction with the philosophy of eating whole unprocessed foods can indeed be beneficial for everyone.

Q7. FICTION. No, they’re not the same, but they’re very similar. Similarities include the philosophy of eating whole, unprocessed foods. Paleo is not necessarily low carb as there are no limits on the amount of whole food carbs you eat…. BUT it tends to pan out as lower carb anyway.

SCORING: How did you go?

  • 0-3 / 7: Oops, better make sure you keep reading our WTF? posts to improve your knowledge.
  • 4-5 / 7: Nice work, you have some good knowledge and are heading towards being a well-informed LCHF-er, keep it up!
  • 6-7/7: Well done you’re an expert! Keep up the great work.

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  • Craig says:

    Im very interested to glean your opinion on the LCHF strategy for a physique athlete (bodybuilder or alike)!
    How would you recommend someone who is trying to maintain as much LMM as they can but optimise their bodyfat % being low do so with LCHF?
    As many physique athletes are looking not just towards a lean body but now towards much more of the health benefits associated with undertaking the LCHF lifestyle.
    I look forward to your opinion!
    Kindest regards

    • What The Fat? says:

      Hi Craig,

      I’d use LCHF in cycles with some weekly or twice weekly carbs added
      Also competition time will require unnatural caloric restriction

      We have used LCHF with these types of athletes and it can work well but the response varies between individuals – so n equals 1 self monitoring is critical

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