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Our mission in writing this book is to help you.
We want to change the world.
Join us in flipping the food pyramid and eating real food.


Heard the one about the Fat Professor, the Whole-food Dietitian and the Michelin-trained Chef who want to change the world?

Nope, this is not a silly joke. Far from it. In fact, we hope this book provides some serious answers. We hope it is the beginning of a life-changing journey for many who have experienced inexplicable weight gain,the heartbreak of constant deprivation and yo-yo dieting, or worse, physical illness through poor nutrition.

We believe it’s time to change the game and it starts right here with your willingness to consider the science of the Low-Carb, Healthy-Fat (LCHF) lifestyle.

What is LCHF?

LCHF typically actually stands for Low-Carb, High-Fat, but we have renamed it: Low-Carb, Healthy-Fat. We feel this better reflects what it’s all about. While we do want you to eat more fat than you are probably used to, the emphasis is on healthy sources of fat. LCHF is not a “diet”, it is a way of life. This book teaches you what you need to know to live the LCHF lifestyle; it covers the benefits you’ll reap and the reasons behind the stunning successes from eating and living the Low-Carb, Healthy-Fat way. Come, join us!

LCHF encompasses a way of eating that embraces whole foods; that is, foods that are minimally processed and generally don’t come in packages. If you truly embrace this way of eating, it will naturally end up being lower in carbohydrate and higher in fat than the current, mainstream way of eating. LCHF is a fulfilling and satisfying way of eating that is full of benefits for health. While there is an element of restriction (as there is with whatever you do in life), it is not about deprivation.

Get The Skinny!

To get a quick overview, have a read of The Skinny; a 4-page practical guide to eating the Low-Carb, Healthy-Fat (LCHF) way.

What The Fat? Sports Performance:
Leaner, Fitter, Faster on Low Carb Healthy Fat

We are very happy to announce that the second book in the What The Fat? series, Sports Performance, is now available for purchase in e-book format via Amazon. The hard copy will be available in May and preorders start in April.

We show you how to switch on fat burning and unlock your potential to take advantage in a sporting and exercise context. Presenting compelling evidence, inspiring real-life stories from very successful athletes, and simple ways to eat Low-Carb, Healthy-Fat.

We need you to step outside the square and reset. We will ask you to forget everything you were taught by your old-school sports performance nutritionist and learn how to become the ultimate fat burning athletic machine.


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Want To Know More?

We firmly believe that individuals have a responsibility for their own health. Do your homework, there is plenty out there – both in the published science and in recent books. Here’s a list of recommended reads;