Of Mice and Men

By Prof Grant Schofield

A paper published with 9 obese NZ mice got plenty of air last week. The claim was the mice ate a LCHF diet and subsequently got fat, making their diabetes worse. This could be a problem, if indeed you saw the same thing occur in humans, but you don’t. LCHF eating affects humans in a mainly positive way.

I’ve written in detail here about the problems with this study.  But first we might want to remind ourselves of an old African story.  It’s about the zebra who watched with awe the strength of the lion. He thought “I’m going to eat nothing but meat, and hopefully I’ll grow strong like the lion”. After a month of this, the zebra died.

In another part of Africa, a lion marvelled at the endurance of the zebra. “These guys can run all day. I’m going to eat grass and go vegetarian and see what happens”.  After a month he was so weakened that he was challenged as king of the pride and ended up dying from his wounds.

By the way, the obese NZ mice are a NZ mouse model. They were actually born in Australia and ate Australian food. But in the current unequal trans-Tasman spirit, they’ll probably be sent back to NZ for health care costs even though they never set foot in NZ!

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