Thoughts After My 3 Week

Keto Reset 

A while back I wrote about my plan to go hard-out keto for three weeks. It was the new year, and after an extended period of eating loosely and drinking more (low carb) beer than was necessary for my silicon levels, I was ready for a bit more fat burning. 

Here’s what I did: 

  1. I ate 2 meals a day for three weeks.
  2. I limited my carbs to what came in the vegetables I ate and some high fat greek yogurt
  3. I avoided all sugar and starch as well as alcohol.

How did it go? 

Here are my reflections and some interesting take homes for others:

  1. When you start this it’s not that easy because if you aren’t properly fat adapted you get a little hungry. And bad habits like eating continuously after dinner has finished, is a bad habit. Bad habits die hard. The reality is that after a few days, all of this lapses and you settle into a good rhythm, and it’s all pretty easy.
  2. You need to tell people actively what you are doing and ask them to support you rather than trying to sneak around doing something slightly “nutty”. This is important because society tends to think that nutrition experiments, especially ones where you miss meals or avoid certain foods are nutty. But people are prepared to go out of their way to help you if you tell them why and the possible benefits. They’ll be curious too.  I find they sometimes want to join in, especially round the alcohol free stuff.
  3. I found breakfast the best meal to miss. I had my best days when I did the following pattern: 

– Wake up 6.30 AM, coffee, no breakfast, help get the kids really and feed for school etc. Bike to work (30 min).

– Work until midday, eat a decent low carb meal at the Whole Food Café. This is a proper cooked meal like scrambled eggs with salmon and avocado.  Immediately go and train – e.g. swim 2 k or run (40 min).

– Bike home around 4.30-5.00 (30min).

– Eat dinner – usually meat/fish/chicken and vege/salad with extra oil.  I’ll eat as much as I need to feel properly full. Stop eating after that.

Other random questions with answers:

  • Is a keto reset worth itHell yes!
  • Can you stay this way forever? I doubt it. At least, I can’t. Keto for too long affects my sleep quality and it relies on quite a bit of organisation outside of the rest of my family and everyday life which is a bit hard.
  • Did I lose some body fat? Yes! Lots actually. I ripped down for a reasonably lean 86-87 kg to a very lean 83 kg. In fact, I was getting a bit too lean and feeling cold when I was swimming and surfing even in warm water (well warm by New Zealand standards).  I know this will annoy some people – that I just dropped the weight – but that’s what happened.
  • What am I doing now? I’m having a beer or two on the weekend, I’m eating more chocolate, and I’m having three meals a day with perhaps two days a week of compressed eating window/fasting.  I’m not actively seeking out carbs, but I’ll eat the family meal even if it has a few carbs.  The other night I scoffed a packet of salt and vinegar potato chips (yes a big bag!) and drank two beers!  That’s the trouble when you live-and-breath food and its effect on the body, you get sort of worried when you scoff that crap down. But hey, I’m a human just like the rest of us!

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  • Tina says:

    Do you know the approx amount carbs you were having per day? I’m assuming it would be around 30g to be in ketosis.

  • . says:

    Seeing Grant puts on weight so easily, he might benefit by doing an elimination diet to identify his particular enemies. Properly done, he may well find that minor complaints are due to some thing he didn’t recognise and are optional. e.g. arthritic joints.
    I was surprised to receive the newsletter and find that the competition closed a month befroe it arrived.
    I’ll try the buns but will have to freeze most since i dont tolerate nuts at all well- certainly not every day, as a substitute for bread.
    Reading “The Autoimmunity Fix” by Tom O’Bryan 2016, supports my view that everyone needs to find out if the main damaging foods are a real problem for the individual. Recommended by Rodney Ford. Tom’s note on facial development in coeliacs is interesting since one sees it everywhere. -2 studies.

    • What The Fat? says:

      Hi Marie,
      Thanks for your comments and suggestions. Grant doesn’t put weight on easily – if you read his original post, you’ll see he put on a little weight, but it was more to do with how he felt after adding a little more carbs into his diet over a summer holiday period.

      With regards to the competition in the newsletter sent yesterday – it is still active until next week (it’s a specific Easter competition, spanning a week).

      Many thanks for your suggestions!

  • Andy Chon says:

    ‘Pure Blonde’ beers are the answer! Only 1.7g carbs per bottle. Most Auckland supermarkets have them.

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