What The Fat? Recipes

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Low-Carb, HEALTHY-Fat cooking – delicious, healthy and simple 

Designed to make following an LCHF lifestyle simple, enjoyable and nourishing, What the Fat? Recipes brings together the authors’ go-to easy, delicious and nutritious LCHF meal ideas. Embracing unique cultural flavours from across the globe and tried-and-trusted household staples, this comprehensive collection of over 130 recipes has all your LCHF meals covered.

Broken into breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, sweets and drinks – and even children’s party treats – each recipe includes per serve nutritional information for carbs, protein, fat and energy as well as dietary guidelines for dairy-free and vegetarian options. You won’t believe how easy and tasty it is to live an LCHF lifestyle!


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13 reviews for What The Fat? Recipes

  1. Brian Evans

    My GP suggested this eating plan as I have pre Diabetes. I emptied the pantry and filled the fridge and borrowed WTF revised edition and the recipe book from the local library. My husband and I are enjoying the recipes. The WTF muesli to start the day and the evening meals are prepared from the book every night. Thanks guys

    • What The Fat?

      Thank you Brian! All the best for your personal test of What The Fat’s evidence-based program.

  2. Bronwyn

    Wide variety of great recipes. Some that don’t appeal but they are in the minority. I’ve tried heaps of them & they’re easy and tasty. And filling!
    They mostly use ingredients that we have in our LCHF kitchen. It’s especially good that every single recipe is gluten free which is such a relief for a Coeliac.
    Particularly love the steak & saucy veggies, the eggplant lasagne, hash cakes & chocolate fudge!
    Am working my way through the book and trying as many as I can.

  3. Carolyn Caukwell

    I have a shelf full of cook books that I tend to flick through, but don’t use much. However, WTF Recipes is a different story. This book now sits close to hand, and I make an effort to try different recipes each week. I have expanded my repertoire, and loved everyone. Being a Kiwi cookbook is a bonus, as ingredients are readily available. I have recommended this book to friends and family, and given as gifts to several people.

  4. Rebecca

    This is a great recipe book! I have the first WTF as well, and this ‘What the Fat?’ Is definitely worth buying. I use it all of the time. Such a good variety of recipes for LCHF. Thanks so much, I love it.

  5. Karen Mckeown (verified owner)

    Best cookbook ever. Use it every week. Favourite is the Mexican Chicken.

  6. Claire (verified owner)

    Love this book. The recipes are not only healthy but taste great. All my friends think I have turned into a chef. Only one problem is I have a cupboard full of redundant old cookbooks. I don’t need them anymore.

  7. Emma (verified owner)

    I have this book, my Mum and I are doing LCHF, and we love the recipes, we’re getting some awesome results and the fact that a chef has written and tested recipes that we don’t have to modify to make LCHF makes life so much easier. Thanks for this, it’s a staple at our house!

  8. Joan

    Love this book great info and delicious recipes….. WTF? crackers are just amazing

  9. Bevan Hand

    Great book, really easy to follow recipes with lots of variety ensuring you’ll never get bored eating the same old thing. Can’t recommend it enough.

  10. Edith van der Meer

    This recipe book is my most used book on my kitchen shelf. I find the recipes easy to follow and delicious. The sequence of doing things really helps. I like that I’m using far more herbs and spices now. This way of cooking has re-inspired my time in the kitchen. I was in such a rut before. Both my husband and I are losing weight while enjoying beautiful food!

  11. Katrina Hall

    I am really looking forward to reading this book and trying out the recipes. However the print is really small and some of the text is on coloured paper. This makes it very difficult to read especially on the grey pages. I have had a recent eye test and new glasses but I am beginning to give up on what should be a great read. Is there a more accessible version apart from me spending more money on an e-version. I have rated it a three star only because I haven’t read it yet! Thank you.

    • What The Fat?

      Thanks for the feedback Katrina – we should take this into account for new editions.

  12. Sandra Egan

    THIS BOOK IS AMAZING! I am a Personal trainer and would like to know if I can order 10 of these to sell to clients, can I have a bulk order discount.

    • What The Fat?

      Hi Sandra, write to me at to order in bulk for your business,

  13. Taljit

    Great Recipes with a good break down of the macro nutrients and calories to ensure we can properly create a meal plan that will suit anyone. Would recommend.

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