What The Fat? Fat’s In, Sugar’s Out

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It’s time to flip the pyramid and break free of the fat phobia. This book is more than just a diet plan or a cookbook – written by the Fat Professor, the Whole-food Dietitian & the Michelin-trained Chef – it’s a new way of eating that will change your life. For good.

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37 reviews for What The Fat? Fat’s In, Sugar’s Out

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    Lorraine Howard

    Hi there – yesterday I ordered my mistake three sets of books . Could someone from what’s the fat contact me please.

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    John Smith

    Haha the high-selling avocado replaced the butter in the pan

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    Romulus Rogers

    This is the best book on Nutrition ever written by 3 excellent people, great work, change the world.

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    Kerry pinkham

    I am a end stage renal sufferer. My husband was told to get this book by his doctor and we both started to follow it. As an end renal person my bloods are checked regular,y and to my absolute surprise sodium and other things checked are improving month on month. I am still looking at a transplant due to PCKD but I am not getting a lot of the symptoms I should have with 13 percent renal function.

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    I have a copy of the original WTF? book and it’s AMAZING! Thank you so much for all your hard work. Just wondering what is the difference between the first book and the new addition? Are they essentially the same? Thank you!! 🙂

    • What The Fat?

      What The Fat? (verified owner)

      Hi Ally,

      Thank you! The new edition is a paperback version of the first with some corrections and a simpler design – so they’re essentially the same.

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    Katherine Clay.

    My husband and I decided to try the LCHF lifestyle after spending time with our son and family in NZ. We seen how they lost weight, looked healthy and increased their energy levels, all without feeling hungry or experiencing the cravings I had often experienced on various recommended low fat diets. They were living proof that the LCHF lifestyle could work.
    We are a retired couple in our seventies. My husband suffers from COPD and takes several medications. He had recently been diagnosed as being pre-diabetic which we were very concerned about, not least the fear of more meds. After acquiring our WTF book we decided to follow the lifestyle, despite some reservations from our doctor. The result for us has been really amazing. We both lost weight and are feeling great, even though we aren’t able to follow a vigorous exercise routine. My husband recently had a health MOT and his cholesterol is now lower and he is no longer regarded as pre-diabetic. We have only been following the plan for four months. We are so grateful and wish to say thank you and to let you know we are spreading the word so our friends and family can also enjoy the benefits.

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    I love this book so much. Well written and laid out as well as everything simply explained. Awesome recipes too. I have lost 12 kg’s since mid-January and have never felt better. LCHF is a total lifestyle change and not a 5 minute wonder diet. Thanks again ! 🙂

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    Is the new edition very similar to the first edition – with updates (including the same recipes and other information), or is it different? Also, is it available to buy in a kindle or ebook edition? Thanks.

    • What The Fat?

      What The Fat? (verified owner)

      Hi Natasha,

      the new version is very similar to the first, not updated but reformatted for a smaller book, so it has fewer recipe pictures. The Kindle edition would be the same as for the first book, but be aware that it has no pictures and fewer recipes.

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    * I picked up a copy of this book on my last trip back to NZ from the UK, and following its recommendations has been absolutely transformative for both myself and my husband. We’re both in our mid-40’s and have never been officially overweight, but we had both started to develop “tummies” and had snuck up a clothing size from our early 30’s. The weight has fallen off both of us, and in all the right places – especially around our middles – without feeling hungry or deprived. Friends have noticed the difference and say we are “glowing”. Eating lower human intervention foods, cutting out refined sugar and refined carbs … it all makes so much sense. I now look at other people’s supermarket trolleys in despair! Buy this book!

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    Julie Harris (verified owner)

    *I have already bought the e books but I refer to them so often for recipes and advice I have ordered the hardback book for ease of use. These books have transformed my life! I lost 6kg without any effort, my aches and pains have gone, I am no longer living from one sugar high to the next and my long distance running has improved greatly with no sugary snacks or gels to keep me going. Everyone is commenting how well I look and I have only been on the diet for 3 months. Thank you so much

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    *Can’t wait to have a copy

  12. Avatar

    Suzanne Heyworth

    *I am even prouder to be a NZer now! We have a world first rugby team, movie making team and now this team of three wonderful people who have put out this amazing factual, easy to understand, beautifully written and illustrated book and are well on their way to helping save the world from obesity- THANK YOU

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    Can I please buy the book here in aus??

  14. Avatar

    Amy T

    Do you have the book available in the U.S.? I prefer a real book, not a kindle edition. Thanks!!

    • What The Fat?

      What The Fat? (verified owner)

      Hi Amy,

      at present you can only buy What The Fat from NZ, and from the UK (UK currency option), on our website. This will be fairly expensive (around $65 NZ at present rates) but a few people have done it.
      We do hope to get it around the world – one country at a time! The UK move is our latest venture.

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    * This is incredible book with very good evidence and recipes a must read amazon has this in the ebook market and its a must get

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    Catherine (verified owner)

    *Fantastic Book with great explanations and fabulous recipes.

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    Kim lyons

    *Now nearly 2 months into LCHF and have lost 12 kg. This is the first change of diet plan, having tried a few, that makes sense and does not seem be a punishment, rather it is easy. Still go out to dinner at weekends and enjoy a nice red. Book is a good read.

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    Margaret Breuer

    *Great book! I get it regularly from our library. I’ve made some of the easy to follow recipes and I totally enjoy eating butter and cream without a guilty conscience! I’ll have to buy my own copy as I use it a lot. The protein bread is good if you’re missing bread. Keep up the good work guys!

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    Looks like great book and would buy it, but really disappointed it is not available in the UK (except on Kindle). But with the shipping costs is too expensive, looks to me like you are missing out on a big market?

    • What The Fat?

      What The Fat? (verified owner)

      Hi Robert,

      you’ll be happy to hear that we have sent a shipment of What The Fat? books to the UK for distribution there. You’ll be able to order them from the UK-based website now if you choose “GPB” as your currency.

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    Michael (verified owner)

    *Love the book. I recommend it to lots of the people i see in my physio practice. Also important for tendinopathy problems.

  21. Avatar

    Melany Elbertse

    *Hi guys I have just recently brought this book after a friend seriously recommended it to me, I have just started this new lifestyle and I am loving the fact that I can eat without worry!! I am really looking forward to trying the recipes in the book and experimenting with my own.
    I love the book and have gotten my family on it too!!
    Thank you:-)

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    Maggie McIntosh

    *Saw this book at a friends, and had to order one. Such great advice and information . Will be a great help for the new me in 2016. Healthier and happier. Recommend it to all my friends and family.

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    Michelle Bothamley (verified owner)

    *This book is soooo good, I’ve just ordered another for my mum for xmas. I can’t believe how good the bread recipe is. I was gobsmacked by how quick and easy it was to make and how good it tasted. I was expecting the texture or the taste of the bread to be less than great and was pleasantly surprised. It’s hard to believe I’m not eating carbs when I’m tucking in to it. Also, the Cream of Cauliflower soup is just delicious!!

    I can’t rate this book highly enough as it gives some science in layman’s language behind the concept of this different approach to eating. I feel more informed and therefore more likely to stick to my new way of eating.

    What a fabulous investment this is – so glad I came across it.

  24. Avatar

    Suzanne (verified owner)

    *Its a great book, lovely food and working well for me. Couldn’t quite get the low carb bread recipe right but otherwise fantastic and so flexible.

  25. Avatar


    *We bought 4 copies so that we had 3 spare to loan out to those who are interested in finding out more about LCHF. They have been very popular!

    This book is an excellent resource for those considering a change to their lifestyle way of eating and for those of us who have already made the change and want to have a copy on hand whenever we need to refer back to it.

    I cannot say enough about this book. It is brilliant – a book of its time, for now and the future. Well put together, well researched, beautifully presented.

  26. Avatar

    Chad (verified owner)

    *Great book. Just got mine. Wasn’t sure what to expect, but was pleased when I received it. A good mix of information, recipes, and general food lists (ie. what to eat). Keep up the good work.

  27. Avatar

    S. Roberts

    *Thank you, thank you, thank you. Easy to follow, tasty recipes for the not so good cooks like me.

  28. Avatar

    Ann Brown (verified owner)

    *Superbly easy book to understand and follow, and I already have favourite recipes from it. I took copies to the USA as gifts for my son and daughter who pursue real food lifestyles and they loved it. But best treat of all for me was to be served breakfast by my 12 year old granddaughter, who followed recipes from the book. She thinks it’s cool to be able to prepare and eat wholesome food. I think it’s awesome that she is already interested in such a lifestyle.

  29. Avatar

    Tania Koolen (verified owner)

    *Fantastic! just taken the secret away and exposed the real target for managing insulin resistance and weight loss all in one hit. I highly recommend this to all my pateints I see, in my clinic. No wonder the book sold out in 1 month, it tells the real story of evidence based, focusing on low carbohydrates, that thousands of people are strugling with every day. Im so glad someone finally wrote somthing that does not miss lead the public health system, and ready to change peoples perception to the truth.

    kindly supported
    Tania Koolen RN,BN

  30. Avatar

    Jacki Breuer (verified owner)

    *I have just received my copy today and I am beyond excited about this book! I have been LCHF for a year now and have benefited in so many ways- I would never eat the ‘standard’ sugar, grain and carb laden diet again. I have read plenty of keto books but none quite like this one. It has all the information in one place and really easy to understand. The format is perfect having the 3 sections for each author and the different speciality of each. Have tried 3 recipes already and I’m really impressed with the food. It’s easy, accessible and tasty. Other keto books with recipes are often written by nutritionists, so the recipes are not formulated by a chef and don’t taste great like these do. Everyone should read this!

  31. Avatar

    Dr Simon Thompson

    *Wonderful book. I have 6 copies! As a G.P., I am encouraging my “Metabolic syndrome” patients to consider LCHF, and am confident that this book has a great balance of practical (with some serious theory from the Fett Professor). It is wonderful to see patients reducing or even eliminating medications while at the same time losing their guts without exercise!

  32. Avatar

    Aaron Jarden

    *Game changing in this area. Nothing else like it.

  33. Avatar

    Ings (verified owner)

    *My copy just arrived to me in Australia and I can’t stop reading it! Gorgeous recipes and photos and heaps of practical tips and explanations. Brilliant book- worth every penny. Well done to the authors.

  34. Avatar


    LOVE IT!!!!! Thank you

  35. Alice


    It’s a beautifully presented book with some really interesting information.

  36. Avatar


    My background is typical- one of those people that subscribes to the philosophy of a low carb lifestyle- and is enjoying the benefits of it- but is feeling her way around a bit. This book is a godsend for people like me that want to stop googling every random LCHF question I have. It’s a ‘one stop shop’ – tips, tables, do’s & don’ts, inspiring case studies lists- and of course some amazing recipe ideas. It’s beautiful to hold, the photography and stylish layout draws you in, making it hard to put down. The icing on the (almond meal) cake for me is that it’s written by and for NZers and our food and lifestyle. You’ve nailed it. Well done!

  37. Avatar


    I’ve been waiting for this book to be released for ages, and it totally exceed my expectations.
    I’m well on my way into the LCHF lifestyle but I really wanted a ‘go-to’ guide that gave me a nod and tick that I’m doing it right and staying on the right track. I wanted some good ‘go-to’ recipes and I wanted the technical stuff so I can more easily explain it to friends and family who ask.. and for my own knowledge.

    This book absolutely ticks all the boxes!

    It answers all the tricky questions, its got simple lists and bullet points all laid out in an easy to read and understand way, the recipes are delicious and easy to prep at home, and it also has the full detail and background of LCHF.

    For anyone who has any interest whatsoever in their health and eating, it’s a must have book.

    Thanks for writing it!

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