6 Compelling Reasons to eat Low Carb Healthy Fat

(and become a fat burning machine)

By The Fat Professor, Grant

As humans, when we have the ability to switch back and forth between using fat (and some carbs) and using pretty much just carbs as a fuel source, we are said to be ‘metabolically flexible’. Sometimes this is also called being ‘fat-adapted’.

Metabolic flexibility is the ultimate for the high performing human as they can take advantage of different fuel sources when and where they need them.

The six reasons LCHF will improve your performance in life (and sport) are:

  1. You will be mentally sharper – using ketones as a fuel for the brain helps with concentration, cognition, and you won’ fall of the “glucose cliff” every few hours.
  2. You won’t run out of fuel – fat is a big fuel tank and you can access it easily when you need to.
  3. You will be leaner – because you can manage your hunger and cravings better, you won’t crack into the sugar under pressure.
  4. You will tolerate more pain – OK it’s emerging research, but new evidence shows how high blood sugars make you tolerate less pain. Adenosine, a neurotransmitter seems to be part of this process which is not completely understood. LCHF can help both with chronic pain and perhaps acute pain.
  5. You will recover faster and your immune system will be better. Stress and exercise produces free radicals (reactive oxygen species or ‘ROS’) which you need to clean up. Antioxidants are part of this process. First, a good whole food LCHF plan is full of antioxidants.  Second, when you burn fat you produce less ROS. And third, new research shows that when you are in nutritional ketosis your body engages its own antioxidant system. That’s right – you produce your own antioxidants but you need to be low carb to do so.
  6. You will have fewer gut/stomach issues. Eliminating grain seems to have big benefits in reducing bloating and you’ll feel great.  You won’t have to shovel down gels and other sports drinks when you exercise for longer periods.

That’s my top 6!


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  • Dayane says:

    Hi Tommy, I really could use some avicde. I’ve been doing LCHF for 3 months now, I lost 6 kg during the first month, but then my weight got stuck It’s been exactly 77,8 kg for the last 2 months. I wonder if I’m doing something wrong or is it the infamous weight loss plateau, and if so how could I get off it I eat very little carbs (less than 20 g per day) which mostly come from veggies or nuts, I’ve cut out all the bad grains, starch and sugar. A typical menu would be: breakfast 2 eggs fried or made into an omelet, 3 strips of bacon, some mayo, coffee with whipped cream. Lunch: either a salad (lettuce, smoked salmon, egg, cheese, mayo) or bit of goat cheese with 6 slices of chochrizo/salami and a handful of walnuts or Brazilian nuts. Supper: meat fried in butter or coconut oil (fatty pork or chicken with skin) with salad (1 tomato, cucumber, lettuce, mayo or Turkish yogurt, handful of cheese cubes, olives) or homemade guacamole. sometimes I make a sauce out of cream, cheese and butter. or boil some asparagus and eat it with butter as a side dish for meat. or I eat fish instead of meat.this week I’ve added 2 teaspoons of organic coconut oil to my menu, my fat % has gone down a wee bit, but my weight is the same!That’s pretty much it, I don’t get hungry or feel like eating snacks anymore which is wonderful, because that was the biggest problem for me before the LCHF. My health is great and I feel like million bucks it’s just that I have 40% of body fat which is not so good. For my 173 cm the 77,8 kg is not so bad, but there’s definitely excess fat on my body because my normal weight would be around 65 kg. I gained 10 kg during last year because of stress and over indulging in carbs So can you please give me some avicde, am I eating too much or too little? I’m pretty careful about eating more fat and as few carbs a possible so this plateau is really frustrating and I can’t wait to get my weight moving again :/ I’ve decided that even if I don’t lose any more weight, I definitely will stick with LCHF because at least I’m not gaining any weight either and I feel so gooood.Oh, and I don’t exercise, just walk to work and back. I’m doing this on purpose to show people that you can lose weight without training like a maniac and also I’m really lazy All help will be hugely appreciated Have a great spring and keep up the good work, I really love the site and you are such a positive role model Anja

    • What The Fat? says:

      Hi Anja
      Thanks for your email. It is quite tricky providing consulting advice via email when I don’t know anything else about you (i.e. sleep / stress habits etc…). However just basing a response on your food intake, it might be that you are simply eating the amount of calories that is keeping you at the same weight rather than being in calorie deficit (which you need in order to drop weight). Believe it or not you can still do this even when you eat really well – which it seems you do. To take it a little further you might want to look at the amount of fat you’re eating and reduce it a little OR you could start incorporating intermittent fasting into your week (i.e. missing a meal every now and again). This tends to help people who just need to shift their weight a bit and are doing everything right. Perhaps give this a go, if you are interested in looking more closely at things in the form of a consultation, (personalised diet plan to achieve your goals), I can help with this. (contact via the website enquiry email).
      All the best with it

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