For LCHF newbies or those who have strayed for whatever reason, here are my top 10 tips for being savvy while shopping.

  1. Any shopping should be secondary to menu planning. First get into planning what you and your family need for the week and then make a list. This will take all the thinking out of your shopping experience, it will probably save you money and it will allow you to get in and out a lot quicker than if you didn’t have a purpose.
  2. Plan at least one regular weekly food shop and try to do it when you are not rushing (if that’s possible these days).
  3. Shop at the veggie shop or market and at the butchery. You can actually get all your basic whole foods from these places, without even having to step into a supermarket.
  4. Should you find yourself in a supermarket, you can shop the four walls only and avoid the lure of the aisles in the middle – this is where all the packaged, processed, and soften tempting items basket
  5. Avoid industrial seed oils part 1: When buying tinned fish, make sure you look on the labels and find those that contain olive oil. i.e., avoid those that contain sunflower, soybean, canola and rice bran oil. If you can’t find any, buy the ones canned in brine (or saltwater) and add your own good quality oil at home (i.e., olive / avocado oil).
  6. Avoid industrial seed oils part 2: When buying bags of nuts, make sure you buy raw nuts rather than the pre-roasted ones as these are mostly roasted with processed seed oils. Roast your nuts yourself using deodorised coconut oil or other good quality fats.
  7. Get familiar with words that mean sugar. Sugar goes under various pseudonyms on food labels such as sucrose, lactose, maltose, galactose, fructose, maltodextrin, dextrose, xylose and glucose, to name a few. There are also so-called healthy types of sugar such as honey, agave syrup/nectar, treacle, honey barley malt, molasses, brown rice syrup. Bottom line, it’s all still just sugar! Best way to avoid it is to simply avoid packaged food as much as possible.
  8. Always choose full-fat, plain unsweetened yoghurt, rather than the fat reduced, sugar laden ones, despite what the health label on it might show (ticks or stars).
  9. Make a call on organic food. If you find it too expensive shopping all organic, then decide which items you want to be organic and which you don’t. This might mean an extra trip to an specialty organic shop, but if it’s important to you, then factor it in.
  10. Finally, not so much on shopping, more on stocking. After the shopping experience, don’t come home and simply shove all produce in the fridge. Take the time to stock your food in containers neatly in the fridge. Be organised in every way, even the look of your fridge. This will set you up for an organised and LCHF-friendly week.

That’s all for now folks, happy shopping and happy stocking!

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  • Hi Dr
    I just discovered your talk on Youtube at the Sheraton Grand Mirage, Gold Coast 2017.
    I had already started my LCHF diet 4 days ago and saw so much information on your lecture, I will have to dissect it to fully understand it.
    I just signed up for your newsletters too.

  • Helen Sosich says:

    Hi Caryn , thank you all so much for the interesting news flashes, keeps me inspired, still not sure how much fat I should or could eat , I get very confused as no one has a meal plan as such. Struggling to lose weight.
    Cheers Helen

  • Hi Caryn
    In spite of the fact that my recent blog was about Frugal shopping – it’s amazing how many similarities our lists had. I love this page and am loving navigating around. Thanks all for the awesome information

  • Desi says:

    Thanks for the help Caryn

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