5 Reasons To Get Outside and Light a Fire


My family just got back from a summer evening Hikuwai river trip (Coromandel New Zealand). It’s just a reminder to me of the importance of making an effort and getting outside, catching and cooking (at least some) of your own food, and sitting around an open fire.

We took two other families – 8 kids and 6 adults in all – and relish the beauty of New Zealand and the fun of family adventures.

Here are my 5 reasons to get outside and light that fire:

  1.  You can catch real food outside and then cook it – it will be fresh, nutritious and delicious
  2. Your kids will have fun, be active, and learn about risk and adventure on their own terms (aka experience a normal human childhood). It creates memories and family traditions which last a lifetime. 
  3. You get a chance to tell your kids campfire stories.
  4. There will be less washing up – make your own paleo plate.
  5. You can get other people to come with you and socialise, connect, and enjoy nature.

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