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What The Fat?

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What the Fat? has become a bestselling Low-Carb, Healthy-Fat bible with over 100,000 copies sold worldwide.

The fifth book in the series – What The Face! is designed to help you nourish and support both your inner health, and your outer wellbeing.

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*The first thing I noticed, within a couple of days, was the increased energy, something my family all commented on. Then the weight started dropping, the first 10 kgs disappeared over four months and the weight has continued to drop off.


* I've got my high school butt back at 53!


*By following LCHF, I have lost 20kg of visceral fat – with great ease.


*After 3 months eating the low-carb way, my HbA1c blood sugar reading has gone from “pre-diabetic” to normal.


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